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Žiarce-Demänovská Dolina-Nízke Tatry

tr Information
Ski resort Žiarce is located in Pavčina Lehota in the beginning of Demänovská valley. Its northern slopes predetermine the resort to a long period of snow cover.
Whole area of the resort is provided with snow-making technology.
There are three ski lifts with total transport capacity of 2195 people per hour.
The length of the tracks is 850 m.
The tracksare also provided with lighting.

The visitors can refresh themselves in a restaurant with a view of the tracks and can also use the services of a ski rental and a ski school.

tr Web camera of Žiarce Pavčina Lehota resort

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tr Map and instructions for Žiarce Pavčina Lehota
Distance Demanova-Bodice >> Ziarce-Demanovska Dolina-Pavcina Lehota :: 4 km - 7 minutes.
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