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Jasná-Nízke Tatry

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Jasná is the biggest and most favourite ski resort of Low Tatras. It is situated on the northern and southern slopes of Chopok. Its skiing tracks and natural conditions along with wide range of services will satisfy all winter-lovers.
Záhradky, Biela púť-Luková, Otupné-Brhliská and Chopok-South resorts are connected by a number of ski lifts and chair-lifts. 31 km of ski tracks altogether, 9 km of which are in the Chopok-South resort. Ski lifts and cable ways run from 900 m of altitude to 2004 m of altitude.
The total transport capacity is more than 21 000 people per hour.
Good snow condition is guaranteed by a fully-automatic snowing system which covers an area of 12 km of ski tracks, of which 2 km are provided with lighting.
Services: a snow-sports school and a ski rental with ski service

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Distance Demanova-Bodice >> Jasna-Low Tatras :: 12 km - 15 minutes.
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