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Tatralandia - holiday resort
The biggest water fun resort with accommodation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. It offers its customers 13 pools with thermal water (26-38°C), 3 of which are indoor 8 year-round. There are 4 all year round tubes and 21 tubes, available in summer. There is also a complex of the vital world Tatra-Therm-Vital. During the summer season there are 3 summer pools available (in addition to 8 all year round pools). Tourists can also enjoy Western City Sikl's Mill, where they can watch an excellent program in the style of the Wild West.
Tatralandia Tatralandia Tatralandia Tatralandia Tatralandia Tatralandia
Western City-Šiklův mill

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Spa Kupele Lucky - Liptovské liečebné kúpele a.s., Lúčky
Thermal spa, open year-round, is located in village Lucky, 14 km from Ruzomberok. Spa focuses on the bath cure of motoric apparatus disorders, osteoporosis and gynecologic problems. Spa provides indoor pool with thermal mineral water temperature 32 °C, in summer there is outdoor pool with thermal water 29 °C - 38 °C. Spa offers variety of individual therapies.

There is a vast variety of accommodation packages, luxury apartments, bed and breakfasts, ...
Lúčky Lúčky Lúčky Lúčky Lúčky Lúčky
Liptovská Mara dam
It was built during the years 1969-1975 and only a gothic church remained above the water level. It is 1225 long and the water of the dam flooded 13 villages. The most precious houses were moved to The Museum of Liptov's Village in Pribylina.Tourists can swim here, go surfing, yachting, there is a school of windsurfing, etc. Be sure to take a trip on a ship Martimex Omega 2. The voyage takes about an hour, the harbours are in Liptovský Trnovec, near Cottage Dechtáre, and near the church Liptovská Mara.
Priehrada Priehrada
Liptovský Ján
The swimming pool is located in the southern part of the village Liptovský Ján. It contains thermal water (14.8-29.4°C) and is open from Tuesday to Sunday during the summer season.
Oravice - The Meander Park Resort
The water park is located in Orava Region - the West Tatras Mountain, next to the Polish border, only few km from Zakopane. The healing thermal water of temperature 58°C rises from the depth of 1611m, is cooled down to 37°C, and files up all the pools located in the Meander Park thermal resort. The direct entrance to the indoor and outdoor pools allows bathing in any weather or any season. You can find changing-rooms, restaurants, massages and much more in the complex.