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Rental company SB-šport Demänovská Dolina
The visitors whose can't imagine the holiday without a sport, the rental company SB-šport Demänovská Dolina will provide your with several sport services. You don't need to be afraid of missing anything for your favourite sport and you don't need to carry anything with you.
Off Road Arena Bobrovec
You will enjoy driving the four wheel motorbikes on round or in free terrain. The company organizes the V.I.P. party as well for bigger visitors groups.
Mutton-rental company for extreme sports
Do you want to have the crazy time? To prepare an action for your colleauges? For all of these there is snow motor scooter rental company . You can try the Polaris scooters in the range 350 - 550cm3. Besides this the rafting, boats, paintball, and much more ...