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Opalisko-Závažná Poruba

tr Information
Ski resort Opalisko is situated on the northern side of Poludnica peak in the altitude from 694 m to 930 m, not far from Závažná Poruba village.
Whole area of the resort is provided with snow-making technology and a part of also with lighting.
As one of the few resorts it provides its customers cross-country skiing tracks .

Services: ski school and ski rental
Transport capacity: 3400 people per hour
Length of the tracks: 3200 m
Snow-making: 3200 m
Lighting: 700 m

- 1 chair-lift
- 4 ski lifts

tel. +421 905 622 972
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tr Map of Opalisko ski resort in Zavazna Porubaa

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tr Map and instructions for Opalisko-Zavazna Poruba ski resort
Distance Demanova-Bodice >> Opalisko-Zavazna Poruba :: 11 km - 15 minutes.
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