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SKIPARK Ružomberok

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Ski resort SKIPARK Ružomberok (545 m of altitude – 1209 m of altitude) is a family-type resort which can satisfy all categories of skiers, from complete beginners to adrenaline slopes lovers. It belongs to the modern resorts with high-quality services. The tracks are provided with snow-making technology. Vlkolínec, a village which is a part of UNESCO, is located not far away from the resort.

Length of the tracks: 12 km
Transport capacity: 8130 people per hour

- 1 cabin cable way
- 1 chair-lift
- 6 ski lifts

Tel. +421 44 432 26 06
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Distance Demanova-Bodice >> SKIPARK Ruzomberok :: 30 km - 30 minutes.
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