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Penzión Mária

From 15 €
Max. 61 person
New: Maco's Winery
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Offering comfortable accommodation in stylish bedrooms and suites, restaurant with bar, winery and many other services. Guesthouse is an ideal place for families with children.

Bedrooms layout:
5 x 2 bedroom
8 x 3 and 4 bedroom
2 suites:
Jasná 2+2 bedroom
Chopok 4+4 bedroom

An extra bed can be added to any bedroom.

Maco's Winery
We offer a newly remodeled stylish winery with maximum capacity 40 person. More about winery: click here.

Enjoy our tasty meals from Slovak or irrational cuisine, long a-la carte menu or daily menu. More about restaurant: click here.

The Macko family welcomes you.....come and have the best time of the year.....


*** News: Ski & Aqua Bus ***

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Penzión Mária - Demänovská dolina Jasná
Demänová - Bodice 41
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláą

Tel.: +421 908 910 171
Fax: +421 44 5549 418
Email: maria@umackov.sk
Web: www.umackov.sk
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