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Расписание автобусов (time tables)

Локальной автобусной транспорт - time tables
Liptovský Mikuláš - Demänovská Dolina (line SAD 505419)
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Liptovský Mikuláš - Bodice (line 505005) MHD 5
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tr Карта MHD5 и Lipotvsky-Mikulas :: Jasna
Nationwide information system with time tables (CIS CP) consists of transport information and infrastructure. CIS CP is under maintenance of INPROP, s.r.o. company and covers the bus-, railway-, aircraft- and urban-public transport. The input data into CIS CP are delivered by transport companies. Bus transport companies federation together with INPROP s.r.o. company had prepared this service what enables the download and printing all public transport time tables. For download the currently valid tables are offeredd including the planed tables if exists.
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Time tables of public transport
Consists of Bus public transport time tables. The time tables are in Adobe PDF-format for download. If you don't have any pdf reader installed e.g. Adobe Reader, you can download it from Adobe web-site for free.
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Time tables of Urban Public Transport
Bus connections of Urban Public Transport (MHD) sorted by towns.
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Trains time tables
Internet server of Slovak Railway Company includes the trains time tables vlakov for 2007 year.
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